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Just Love Mutianyu Great Wall

To our surprise, we explored Mutianyu Great Wall saving so much. There is no shopping stop in the whole journey. Really glad we saved a lot of money and time!

Mutianyu Great Wall

For so many years, I contributed myself in the work, really tired and boring. Under the suggestion of my friend, I booked this tour. Company service is very considerate that I was arranged well. On the second day, I got up early and waited for the tour guide. After breakfast, I came out of the hotel and saw the bus and tour guide. Getting on the bus, I saw many tourists who gave me warm greeting. On the whole journey, we chatted with each other with fluent English from Chinese history to Chinese culture. This bus is full of laughing.

Once arrived at the destination, we were ordered to getting off in order. Wow, so charming and fresh! The whole area is covered by large scale green trees, very breathtaking! Although it the early autumn, I can feel the local hot temperature, perhaps because of the long journey. For the luxuriant trees and forests, the magnificent Great Wall appeared little. After sharing some tips, we started our hiking journey. We helped each other, passing through the beginning wooden steps. The environment in the foot is very tranquil. We just felt we have been mixing into the forests world. About twenty minutes walking, we came to the Great Wall ground. So long and clean, hard and best preserved! Walking on the Great Wall, I suddenly arouse the ideas that I finally came to the word wonder. Everything here seemed to be doing their best to bring me back to the ancient times.

What I liked best is the beacon towers and the construction of these watchtowers. It is really hard to imagine how the ancient laborers carry these heavy bricks on the wall under the poor condition. Sitting on the ground, lying on the wall, I was stuck in the imagination. Sometimes, few birds flying away told us their happy feeling singing. When we were to arrive at the top, a mark writing the danger warning us! It is really dangerous passing through the steep steps.

Standing on the top enjoying the birds view, it is really a terrific enjoyment!