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Kayaking in Beijing

There is nothing like a kayaking experience while visiting Beijing. It will be fun and an essential Chinese experience! There are plenty of tourist destinations to go for a kayaking in Beijing, but Houhai is second to none!

Kayaking in Beijing

Tips for Starters
Most kayak bottom is not as smooth as dolphins abdomen, there will be a small rudder, its role is to make it easier for you to steer where you want to go. To steer the kayak without a rudder paddle, all you need is a god sense of direction, especially when you are at least one hundred meters away from the shore. Wherever you want to steer the kayak, you need to learn some basic skills about how to handle the kayak first. It looks simple, but also the most difficult to handle for starters. First of all you should not stoop and not rely on the side of the kayak, just squarely sit in the cockpit, with knees bent, feet against the pedal, legs put together. Whether you like more gallant to paste over the forehead or leisurely is placed on the chest, the power comes from the strength, by foot, hip to the reaction from the waist, with back forces rather than the arm pull. Grasp of most beginners is too narrow. Hands pulled high, generally above the head, hands holding the rubber, a right angle with the arms.

Highlight of Kayaking in Houhai
Whether from the Jinfan wharf to Wanghai, about one kilometer round trip, or to the silver ingot bridge, it is two kilometers journey around the lake, even to the lotus market and return – about three km journey. It is very easy to get dizzy while going around the lake. At the start of canoeing, you may need some time to catch up with others, but it will be fun and relaxing for you to just lagging behind. No matter how hard you keep the kayak going in the water, you will be rewarded with amazing scenery. No matter how far you kayak out in the lake, the lovely views are at every turn. Even after you finished your kayaking in the lake, there is plenty more to explore in Houhai. Go for a running around Houhai, or go swimming in the water - all will be fun. Sometimes just sitting in the sun, and reading some magazines, or drinking a coke with ice – you will never get bored in Houhai.

Overall, kayaking in Houhai is to die for!