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Learn to Make Chinese Artwork in Beijing

Beijing has long been hailed as the cultural Mecca of China. With a visit to Beijing, you will not only get a chance to enjoy amazing historical sites and scenery but also learn how to make some fine artworks that China has to offer! Here are two art forms that are very popular and easy to learn for you.

Dazzling Paper Cutting
Paper Cutting

Folk paper-cutting comes from life, focusing on life with the understanding of nature, sentiment expressed by cutting the special form of art. As an expression of their emotions, therefore, the expression of this art focuses on the performance of the spirit, rather than the performance of the shape. At the same time, limited not by cutting completely according to realistic approach, the paper cut also involves the use of deformation, exaggeration, to highlight the characteristics of the object. Therefore, exaggeration and deformation become the common form of the folk paper-cutting. Exaggeration is a crystallization of human creative work and wisdom, by displaying its eternal artistic charm to exaggerate the beauty of art. The Chinese folk paper-cutting mostly comes from real life, and most of them reflect the lives of working people, but it is not just the simple simulation of things, through using objective exaggeration and deformation to change object form of the nature. The artists of folk paper-cutting see the paper cutting as a part of life, a longing for a better life and worship of ancient totem, folk paper cutting is the main contents of expression.

Interesting Chinese Kites

The kite is a kind of toy by pasting paper or silk in bamboo, with the wind it can fly way up in the sky, and it is seen as the oldest air powered vehicle. The Chinese kite dates back to the Spring and Autumn Period, enjoying a history of more than 2000 years. In the southern and Northern Dynasties, the kite had become a tool of information transmission; from Tang Dynasty, as the industry developed, paper was used to make the kite; in Song Dynasty, flying kite had become a favorite outdoor activity. Two Northern Song Dynasty paintings have vivid scene of kite flying. Today, China kite flying also plays an important role in the development of economy and tourism. The kite is the first air powered vehicle even earlier than air aircraft. According to historical records, Chinese kite was introduced into Europe in the fourteenth Century.

Overall, it will be fun and an essential Chinese experience to learn to make paper cutting and kite!