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Interesting Legend about Great Wall

The Great Wall is a masterpiece in the history of World Architecture, snaking along the mountain ranges, winding in the desert, very solid and firm, regarded as one of the seven wonders in the world. Here is an interesting legend about the Great Wall.

Great Wall

Time flies like a shuttle, with blink of an eye over the past ten years, Meng Jiangnu has grown adult. One day, Meng Jiangnu was picking gourd and found someone hiding there. Meng Jiangnu wanted to call the person but that person covered the mouth. Later, the man told Meng Jiangnu, my name is Fan Xiliang, is in order to avoid the men arrested repair the Great Wall to hide in the hoist frame. Later, Fan Xiliang was admitted to the Meng Jiangnu home. The so-called love, Fan Xiliang agreed with Meng Jiangnu married Meng Jiang two elders. The weather is unpredictable, marriage that day, the groom was seized by the police. Fan Xiliang was banished to repair the Great Wall. A year later, no words from Fan Xiliang at all, Meng Jiangnu can't eat, can't sleep, do not know what to do, after consulting with the old man, decided to look for him, swear never come home not to find her husband. She brought dry food and gave her husband some clothes on the road.

Great Wall

Along the way, the wind and rain, sun and wind cold, suffer hunger and cold, hard, after numerous difficulties and dangers of the thousands of miles journey, she finally found the Great Wall, her husband Fan Xiliang had died, and was buried at the Great Wall, the bones cannot be found. This news is like a bolt from the blue, Meng Jiangnu suddenly cried, tears like spring, sound like thunder, crying in a murky sky, the Great Wall, with a little fall, where then some sections collapsed, eight hundred feet long. This can be anxious that bad engineering director, hurried to report it to the inspection of the progress of the construction of Qin Shihuang. Qin Shihuang hurried to see Meng Jiangnu and asked why. Meng Jiangnu although angry, but still with the heart of hatred, suddenly have a brain wave, make use of non Qin Shihuang promised her three conditions. To find her husband Fan Xiliang's body; to hold a state funeral for her husband; Qin Shihuang Fan Xiliang put on mourning apparel on the funeral. After fulfilling three conditions, Mengjiangnv, in the face of the rolling Bohai, jump and throw herself into the sea.