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Legend of Jiayuguan Pass

To be as the important pass at famous ancient Silk Road, Jiayuaguan Pass left tourists the impression of solemn and splendid. In Chinese ancient times, for building the important pass, it costs a great deal in terms of manpower and material resource. What the most interesting is that there are many stories, legends aroused during the building period.

Jiayuguan Great Wall

The Wall Stabilizing Brick
For the story of wall stabilizing brick, it is about Jiayuguan Pass. It tells that during the Ming Dynasty, there was a workman called Yi Kaizhan. He got very famous for his smartness. People always called him as mathematician. Before building Jiayuguan Pass, he calculated that it would take exactly 99,999 bricks to build. At that time, the supervisor did not believe him and said that if calculated wrong, all the workmen will suffer from the heavy labor. After this elegant project is finished, there was one brick left behind the Xiwong city gate. After seeing this, the supervisor got very happy and ready to punish the workmen. But, Yi Kaizhan said that if the brick has a tiny move, it would cause the whole project to collapse. After that, the brick remained in place and was never moved. Until now, tourists could find the brick on the tower of the pass.

Goats Carry the Bricks
Measuring about nine meters high, Jiayuguan Pass is elegant project housing ten towers with different shapes and abundant buttresses. During that time, it was very difficult for the construction workers. Under the poor condition without lifting equipment, the workers had to carry the bricks with hand and shoulder. After firing the bricks, workers used oxcarts to carry them to the pass and then had to pass them up onto the wall by manpower. Although there are many workers were sent out, it was still a hard job. However, one day, there was a shepherd boy brought his goats to feed alongside this construction. After seeing the laborious workers, he suddenly aroused an idea. He took off his girdle, tied a brick on each end and put the girdle over the back of a goat. After that, he patted the goat. The goat went on carried the bricks down the road. After seeing this, all the workers became pleasant. They adopted the ideas and carried large number of bricks onto the Great Wall.

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