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Legends about How Jiayuguan Great Wall Was Built

Hailed as one of the seven wonders of the world, the Great Wall is mystery for many people as how it was built. Here are a few legends prevailing among the Chinese people.

Jiayuguan Great Wall

The first legend is the stone was carried up the hill on an ice-slide. At the time, it took thousands of stones – 2 meters long, 0.5 meters wide and 0.3 meters thick – to build the wall when Jiayuguan Great Wall was erected. The workmen had carved the stone on Heishan, but it was no way they could lift the heavy stone or carry them on wagons, so the stone was ready but the transport was difficult. This problem bothered all of the workmen while carving the stone as winter was around the corner and their life was on the stake if they could not deliver the stone on time. Just when they were all frowned about this, a huge ribbon fell from the sky with some words on it, after reading the words, the workmen knew right away how to carry the stone up the hill. They worked together to build an ice-slide up the hill, and then slide the heavy stones on ice. In this way, they carried the stones up the hill right on time. Moreover, a temple was erected by the workmen in honor of the God blessings.

Jiayuguan Great Wall

Another tale about how the Great Wall at Jiayuguan section was built is the stones were carried up the hill by the goats. The Jiayuguan Great Wall was about 9 meters high, and dozens of watch towers and crenels needed to be built too, so the number of stone was surprisingly large. Back then, it was no way, the workmen could deliver all the stone up the hill as there was no lifting equipments available at that time. Moreover, the bricks were fired in a far place and when the bricks were ready, they were carried on wagons to the foot of the hill and then the workmen would carry the bricks up the hill. Carrying the bricks all the way up the hill was pretty challenging and it was too slow to make sure the construction would be completed on time. One day, a shepherd boy played nearby and when he saw this scene, he put some bricks on the goats and drove them up the hill, so the workmen imitated his method. In the end, the Great Wall was built right on time and saved energy of the workmen too.