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Leisure Beijing Parks for Family Tour

When the holidays fall, most of the families would want to go out for family pleasure. Appreciating the charming scenery, getting a fully relax is a terrific enjoyment. The follow parks introduced are the most popular choices!
Beihai Park: As one of the largest and oldest, as well as the best preserved imperial gardens, Beihai Park has become a must-enjoy place for the families. With profound history and deep traditional cultural connotation, Beihai Park is not only a classical combination of the grandiosity of the northern gardens but also a magnificent integration of imperial gardens and the religious gardens.
Chaoyang Park: As a tranquil land for pleasure, with the coverage area of about 289 hectares, Chaoyang Park has received high fame in the residences nearby. Each season, the 20 scenic spots located inside will satisfy your desire of seeking happiness. Various activities will be more wonderful for your children.
World Park: With a large scale area, Beijing World Park also becomes a theme park in the families with full size or small scale copies of the original. Various foreign countries scenic spot model could be found here!