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Leisure in Beijing Suburb Area - Stone Flower Cave

For the coming of the summer holiday, there are many fantastic places wait for us. If you are a regular Beijing traveler, the suburb areas will be cozy place to cool your body. Follow me, let us have a mysterious discover!

Beijing Stone Flower Cave

Enjoy the Unique Charm of Stone Flower Cave
Just located in the Fangshan District, Stone Flower Cave is a national famous scenic spot and geological park being known for the typical karst cave sightseeing and valuable informational bank on geological research. In fact, in the earliest time, this scenic spot has another name called Qianzhen or Shifo Cave. This name is given by a monk during the Ming Dynasty. From that time, it started to be known in the local residence and the tourists. With a large scale area of 108 hectares, it shows a multilayer Karst cave with seven clearly distributed layers. For the tourists coming here, they are always fascinated by the breathtaking scenery. Gorgeous sceneries are distributed in the scenic area which is gathered in the first to the sixth layers. The seventh layer is distributed the underground river. Besides, there are twelve huge halls interconnecting with countless narrow passages, sixteen chambers and 71 branch caves in many sizes and shapes. For the natural sceneries house pearl water and wild plants, they could enough make your summer holiday reach the utmost comfortable.

Treasure Sections
A fairy land dropped here just like a dazzling star. Coming here, every tourist will be amazed at the natural creativity. All of the features are made of stone including the fantastic stalactites, stalagmites, curtains and flowers. No matter which section you stand, you will be lured by the soft water dripping sound. What the most important will be the Silver Fox Cave. Being composed by more than 40 scenic spots, this cave is an amazing gallery showing various sceneries and charms. Located here, there is a rare stone regarded as the national treasure. From the appearance, it is just like a charming silver fox, lifelike. Summer is an ideal season for visiting here. The cool and gentle breeze in it bring fresh air to you to cultivate your spirit and mind.

Beijing Stone Flower Cave is truly amazing spots for sightseeing and refreshing the mind and body.