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Leisurely Jinshanling Great Wall Hiking

Jinshanling Great Wall is truly a marvelous section. I really enjoyed a lot last week. My mother and I, we really enjoyed a typical China Great Wall climbing holiday.

Jinshanling Great Wall
Originally we plan to book the Mutianyu Great Wall. However, my friends told us that Jinshanling Great Wall is more wild and original than Mutianyu and always with less tourists. So, we chose this tour. First time meeting our tour guide, she impressed us the warm-hearted. She helped us carry the baggage and asking us the relative preparation. On the whole journey, she introduced the detail information of Jinshanling Great Wall. Although the Great Wall is far from Beijing city center, we enjoyed the fluent journey and chatting with the tour guide.

Jinshanling Great Wall
Wow, I saw the Great Wall, almost flat with ruined bricks! We got off the car and stood to appreciate the layout. The mountain is very magnificent like the guard screen very mysterious and impressive. After getting the useful tips, we started our hiking journey. Weather on the day is very cozy with little coolness. Tourists are less. My mother took out the camera starting her interesting photos. We stepped on the foot is the Great Wall ground. Faintly, I can see the ruined bricks and some destroyed corners. What changed my feeling totally are the luxuriant green grasses. They showed green, vigorous and delicate. Under the light wind blowing, everything here seemed to be dancing. We talked about the history and the culture of Jinshanling Great Wall and walking forward. About twenty minutes, I saw the original watchtower but had been destroyed and ruined down. The bricks sent our grey colors with powders. Just from them, you can guess the age and history it experienced.

On the whole journey, what appeared in my mind is the traditional history, culture and the tranquil environment. I admired the environment very much. Sitting under the ruined wall, we drank the water and ate the snacks appreciating the sceneries far distance. I really can't imagine Beijing housed such a terrific area very suitable for enjoying and relaxed. There was no forced shopping on the whole journey. My mother and I we two really entertained a lot!