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Leisurely Relaxed in Beihai Park

Summer is around the corner, now more and more tourists want to appreciate charming lake scenery. Today, I would lead you to enjoy your leisurely relaxed in the famous Beihai Park.

Beihai Park

Highest Prestige of Beihai Park
Situated in the advanced location with the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park adjacent, Beihai Park has become the representative of Beijing. Among all the tourists, it has become a must enjoy place, especially for the foreigners. Located in the center of Beijing City, Beihi Park is regarded as one of the oldest, largest and best preserved ancient imperial gardens. With profound history and deep traditional Chinese cultures, Beihai Park is not only a classic combination of the grandiosity of the northern gardens and the refinement of the southern gardens in China, but also a perfect integration of magnificent imperial places and solemn religious constructions. With a large scale of water area, it is an ideal place for appreciating the modern Beijing appearance and the recalling Chinese past years.

Representative Building - White Dagoba
Wandering in Beijing city center, what appeared in your eyes are not only the elegant Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, the Tibetan-style White Dagoba will be a terrific building marked in your eyes. Located on the top of the Jade Flowery Islet, the White Dagoba was built according to the famous Tibetan Lama. The emperor Shunzhi ordered to build this pagoda to show his belief in Buddhism and desire for the unification among various Chinese ethnic groups. Because of the earthquake, this White Dagoba was rebuilt for two times. Waking inside, you would be impressed by the Buddhist Scriptures. Because of its highest point, it offered as a vantage point with a beautiful view of the whole scenic spot.

Enjoying Other Scenic Spots
Apart from this white building, other scenic spots would enough make you have a terrific enjoyment. Charming Hao Pu Creek Garden enjoyed a high fame as one of the best gardens-within-gardens of the existing imperial gardens in China. Located in the northwest, the most famous Nine-dragon Screen also enjoyed a high fame. Sitting on the Five-dragon Pavilions, deep traditional culture would impress you deeply. Besides these places of interest, there are plenty of exhibitions to see.

Seize the opportunity to enjoy and an ancient but modern park is waiting for you!