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Leisurely Visit, Fabulous Hiking Experience

I like China very much, perhaps because of its profound history and deep traditional culture. Studying in Beijing for three years and I only visited Summer Palace. In order to memorize my university life in China, my friends and I booked this tour last Saturday. Booking process is very easy and we did enough preparation waiting the coming of the tour!

Forbidden City

Once met the tour guide, we all gave each other the warm greeting. She is a girl called Anna. No matter Chinese culture, history or the attractions features, she could always give us the most detail information, we all admired her very much. First attraction is the Tiananmen Square. After getting off the car, we walked to this grand area. Tourists coming here are less than we expected. However, we need some check. It is truly a large scale square housing many dazzling buildings with many giant buildings surrounded. Luxurious Forbidden City is just located adjacent. Under the considerate leading, we arrived at the Meridian Gate. Wow, elegant, luxurious appearance poured into our vision. Under the decoration of the bright sunlight, this castle showed more dazzling and bright! There are many small palaces located inside an each of them has certain function. Anna holding many interests gave us the explanation. Very free and happy experience!

Badaling Great Wall

However, what impressed me deeply is Badaling Great Wall. In the early summer season, this section showed more vigorous. Lying on the elegant mountain, it is just like a guard protecting this area and Beijing city. Hiking journey brought us much happiness. Several of them took the cable car. But, I think climbing is the best. The ground paved by the old bricks presented more strong. Touching the bricks decorated both side, I felt I was back to the ancient times. I could taste the ancient culture from this giant section. Tourists coming here are more and more. We felt more and more tired with the far walking journey. We choose one watch tower to enjoy a relaxed. Wow, it is so cool under the soft breeze. In the corner of this watch tower, there growing some wild grasses. They showed very shy to greet to us. Through the window of this watch tower, all the sceneries far distance becomes very tininess. After about 1 hour, we successfully arrived at the top. One word could not describe the exciting feeling.

Taking many pictures with this tour, I felt very exciting! I would store this memory forever!