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Leisurely Visit Temple of Heaven in Autumn

There is no better place to go to enjoy some quiet time than the parks while visiting Beijing in the fall. At the mention of the top parks in Beijing, the Temple of Heaven is second to none in terms of natural beauty and cultural sites.

Brief Introduction to the Park
Temple of Heaven

The main structures of Temple of Heaven are arrayed into a straight line within the Inner Altar. All of the palaces and bases, shaped as circle, face southwards, symbolizing the Heaven. The whole styles and structures are uniquely and exquisitely patterned. The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest used to host ancient ceremonies led by the emperors praying for good harvest. 38 meters high, this hall is covered with blue tiles and it was decorated with bricks and wood and supported by wooden pillars and rafters.

Temple of Heaven is divided into Inner Altar and Outer Altar by two lines of walls. As for the Outer Wall, with a girth of 6,553 meters, used to be two gates opened to the Altar of Prayer and Circular Mound Altar and another three gates have been successively built since 1949. As for the Inner Altar, with a girth of 4,152 meters, there are six gates around here. Within the Inner Altar, the Circular Mound Altar and Imperial Vault of Heaven stand in the south and the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest and Hall of Imperial Stem. These two parts were enclosed with walls and the Circular Mound Altar and Prayer Altar are connected with a long brick-paved path.

What Fun Things to Do inside the Park in Autumn
Temple of Heaven

There are diverse options for spending some lovely time inside the park. In the fall, with the weather cooler, you can easily spend the best part of an afternoon or morning visiting the park. There are a lot of fun things to do in the park. In the morning, head to the park to see the senior Chinese people practicing Taiji or even better learn with them. Then enjoy a leisurely walk and stroll inside the park to take in the architecture or the brilliant fall foliage blooming all over the ground. The park is also a great place for people watching and amazing photos in the fall. In addition, explore the park on a bike or fly kite with kids. In a word, the park has something for everyone!

Overall, the Temple of Heaven makes for a great getaway while visiting Beijing in the fall.