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Lethality Mistakes Visiting Forbidden City

Visiting Beijing is always my dream these years. Because of the busy business, I have no enough time. I like spring much. So, I spared my weekend come to Beijing. I felt very happy that I grasped many travel skills but regret for the faulty Beijing tour.

Forbidden City

Without Detail Itineraries for Beijing Highlights
After arriving at Beijing, I was completely shocked by the bad traffic! The entrance and exit of airport was full crowded tourists and cars. Such a bad scene! I seized the time, finding the metro going to Forbidden City. Yes, Forbidden City is the first destination I wanted to appreciate, because it is located in the center of Beijing. Oh, my god, I checked and searched. After one hour, I got on the metro. Also, there are many crowded tourists. This time, I wanted to go out taking the tax, but late. After a long journey, standing in the metro, I got very tired. When the station is arrived, I ran out, finally relieved! This time, my stomach has become very vacant! After buying some food in the market, I finally entered into Forbidden City. But, the time has reached 1:00pm. It is very different from my original idea. Followed the groups, I visited many palaces without right leading. So, my first day passed like this. I want to say, without detail plan, having a terrific tour is not simple.

Without Booking Hotel in Advance
After the unforgettable visiting, I checked and telephoned the hotel, but all filled. Because of the center location, all the hotels are full of tourists. I finally stayed in the third ring hotel. Came here, I took the taxi. Service is very satisfactory. 

Taking too Much Cash
During the weekends, tourists coming out so much, when I paying the money to the water seller, because of squeeze, some cash disappeared in the crowded groups. You could not imagine how angry at that time. At that time, I really want to go back and gave up the tour. So, if you are planning your journey, no matter wherever you want to go, taking a card or little cash will be ideal.

After the tour finished, I concluded, booking a tour is perfect. All the problems will be disappear!