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Lifetime Hiking Experience in Beijing

Last week, I spent two days exploring the Great Wall at Jinshanling section. I did some hiking and serious sightseeing over those two days over there. It was fun and incredible. I really enjoyed every minute of it!

Jinshanling Great Wall

On the first day, I was picked up in the afternoon and taken to the destination on a van with my tour guide. The ride over there was kind of fun as my tour guide filled me in some history and stories about the Great Wall. She was very funny and knowledgeable. I could tell by the way she talked with me that she was very experienced too. After we arrived at Jinshanling, my tour guide led me up the wall and we started hiking up the western part of Jinshanling as planned. The Great Wall snaked upon the rugged ridge of the mountain, making the sight very impressive and marvelous to the eyes. The wall also stretched as far as the eyes could see and way into the horizon. My trekking on the wall was fun and very challenging too as some parts of the paths were crumbled and not restored. Sometimes the path got very steep, hard to get through, other times, the path very smooth and solid, easy to continue with my walking. While walking on the wall, I did not miss any chance to snap some fine photos. To be honest, great pictures spots were at every bend of the wall. All I needed to do was pick my favorite angle and snap away. The most incredible sight I saw on the wall was the sunset I caught right before we headed back. It totally took my breath away! At night I was arranged to crash at a farmer house.

On the next day, after I had my breakfast at the farm house, we headed for the eastern section of Jinshanling. This time, I did not rush to snap pictures but took my time to explore the wall. There were plenty of historical relics left on the wall. What interested me the most was the character-carved bricks. I was really excited to see them up close and personal. By the way, other structure on the wall was also very impressive, like the watch towers and beacon towers as well as some other relics. Though those towers and relics not in good condition, the sight of them was still breathtaking!

Overall, it was the best outdoor hiking I ever had while visiting China!