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Marvelous Attractions, Well-designed Tour

Staying in China for three years, I have not the chance to appreciate Beijing in-depth. By the chance my mother coming, we booked this 2 days Beijing tour. I clearly remembered the booking process is so easy that we got the detail information about the tour.

Mutianyu Great Wall

The first day, we felt very proud that we got closer to Mutianyu Great Wall. It is a charming building with large scale trees and plants. Its best preserved appearance left me a deep impression. Tourists here are less than I expected. After arriving at this attraction, we enjoyed the gorgeous sceneries and tasted the local culture. To be honest, I did not like the vendors ranking along. I liked the purity atmosphere. Every stage we stepped, I will arouse different feeling. Ground is level with hard bricks. Surrounded trees are just like the protective screen sheltering from the strong sunlight. We enjoyed the terrific hiking journey. Sometimes, we sited for a while and sometimes, we took pictures with the surrounded. With the hiking journey more far, we got more tired, especially my mother.

Each stage for her is just like an elegant mountain waiting for passing through. After the sweat disappeared, we went on our hiking journey. There are some sections full of steep stages. We helped each other going on. We hold breath and did our best to conquer it. Standing at the top, I shouted, so cool. We choose one corner sitting down. The overview scene is so charming, people far distance are tininess. I could feel why it is described as the long-distance dragon. We got down by the cable car. It is convenient for the tired and the disabled tourists. Flying feeling surrounded us the whole journey.

Forbidden City

On the second day, we visited Forbidden City. It left us typical deep impression with well-preserved luxurious appearance and imperial tastes. I liked the palaces very much with well-arranged appearance. Each of them has certain function in the ancient times. To the regret is that most of the palaces are forbidden to enter. So, I could not get the inner appearance. We are permitted to stand outside to appreciate. It is very spacious inside with ancient desk and chair. All of them are different with modern appearance with ancient features.

2 days Beijing tour is so meaningful and I tasted a lot and learnt a lot! Beijing is really a wonderful city!