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Marvelous Badaling Great Wall

I really want to praise the tour operator offering us such an excellent half day tour. I dare to say it is more marvelous than the multi-days tour I booked several years ago. We really enjoy our tour at Badaling Great Wall.

Badaling Great Wall

Tour guide and the driver picked us up in the early morning. We saw each other at the exit of the hotel we stayed. The weather on that day is hot but not influences our feeling. The air-conditioner car is very cozy making my families pleasant and happy. On the whole journey, we appreciated the sceneries passing by. I got the suburb area of Beijing, typical tranquil and fresh. It has big difference with environment in the downtown area. After arriving at the foot of Badaling Great Wall, tour guide helped us take out the preparations, food and drinks. The temperature here is lower than the city center. It encourages us much for the hiking experience. After appreciating the surrounded vendors, we started our journey.

At the beginning, climbing journey is simple for every one of us. Especially my father, after see the watchtower, he became very exciting. It is same as the book said, grave and magnificent. With the windows decorated, the ancient soldiers just stood here for observing the enemies, my father told us. Suddenly, we laughed at his serious feeling. It is best that there are vendors selling the water on the wall. At that time, I thought, how they carry so many stores climbing the wall, so heavy and dangerous. The water here sold is certainly very expensive. My father is the first person getting tired. He ordered to take the cable car. My sister followed her. My father and I, we just keep climbing by foot, even though we sent out sweat all the time. For us, who conquered the magnificent building, who is the hero! We helped each other for the long-distance hiking journey. After seeing the mark writing the steep stages, I felt a little nervous, because I was tired very much. Under the encouragement of father, I kept on. Each step showed 90 degree, just like elegant mountain waiting for our pass, very challengeable! I counted and did my best. Last, we saw the mark, there are 30 steps reaching the top. I felt all the powerful strength followed me.

I succeed. Sitting on the earth with all the ideas flying around, truly marvelous feeling!