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Memorable Day-trip in Beijing

This time, together with my son we have visited a bunch of historic sites in Beijing for the last few days. The most memorable day-trip we did is our visits to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. Definitely the highlight of our trip to Beijing.

Mutianyu Great Wall
That day-trip started with a trip to the wall at Mutianyu. The ride over there took a bit longer but the traffic was not as busy though. We did a great trek on the wall and enjoy fantastic sightseeing too. The wall snaked all the way up the mountains and disappeared into the horizon. The sight was truly overwhelming and we both loved the wall. The section was well restored and the path was really great for trek. The whole area was covered by greenery and standing on the wall, I was filled with awe and respect toward the wall itself. I saw the wall but I just could not believe how it was built on the steep mountains back in the day. There were fewer visitors out there and plenty of great photo opportunities on the wall. Really enjoyed the morning trek to its fullest that day. Later we headed back to the city and had lunch.

Forbidden City
Our afternoon-trip started with a visit to the Tiananmen Square and we did some sightseeing and took dozens of photos over there. Then we headed to our first favorite sight - the Imperial Palace, now a palace museum. We first got inside the wall with our guide through a magnificent gate. By the time we made it through the gate, there was already a large crowd out there. We went ahead and finally got in the palace. The palace itself is really huge and we both felt kind of dizzy walking through the gates and walls with our guide. We were really glad that our guide was with us all the time or else we would have lost our way inside the palace. There seemed to be so many awe-inspiring buildings inside the palace and all very impressive. Some of the halls display reassure exhibits and others were exquisitely decorated. No wonder the palace was once home to the Chinese emperors and royal family. The palace was as luxury as it could be. We both got a better understanding of the imperial palace. The experience was really fantastic and we both enjoyed exploring the palace.

Overall, it is the best day-trip we did in Beijing. Loved it!