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Merry Christmas (1)

Christmas is a religious festival. On this day, all the Christian world will hold special liturgy. Westerners choose red, green and white colors represent the Christmas colors. When Christmas comes, every household will decorate with the Christmas colors: red Christmas flowers and candles; green Christmas tree.

Father Christmas

Well, talking about the Christmas, there are some key points. It is said that the Father Christmas was once a bishop of the city and was honored as the sainthood after his death. He is the old man wearing a red robe, hat, white-bearded. Every year at Christmas, he drove the deer sleigh from the North, entering each house by the chimney, loaded Christmas gifts in a sock hanging in the children's bedside or in front of the fire.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the main Christmas decorations, hanging the colorful lanterns, gifts and paper flowers, and an angel or star on top of the tree. On Christmas Eve, people sing and dance around the beautifully decorated Christmas tree happily.

The earliest Christmas stocking is a pair of red socks. Since it is said that the Christmas stocking is used to hold the gifts, it is the favorite thing for kids during the festival. On Christmas Eve they will hang their socks in bed, waiting for the gifts in the next morning.

Christmas Hat

The Christmas hat is a red hat and it is said that in addition to keep warm during the night, wear it sleep on the next day you will also find a lot of gifts in the hat. At the carnival night, the Christmas hat is the protagonist, wherever you go, you will see all kinds of them.

The popular Christmas song "Christmas carols" has the history of 65 years. You may not know that this song which brings cozy warmth to the Northern Hemisphere winter was first composed in a hot summer. This song enjoys melodic and lyrics that create the warm atmosphere of a winter family reunion to celebrate of the festive season.

About the Christmas, there are a lot of things to say and the aim is that Merry Christmas and enjoy the excellent activities!