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Million-dollar Tips for In-depth Experience in Beijing

Beijing has long been a dream place to explore for lots of travelers and backpackers. So if you want to get an in-depth Chinese experience in Beijing while traveling to China, here are some useful tips for those first time visitors!

Tip 1 – Prepare a Long Term Vacation in the City
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It is impossible to explore the city of Beijing just in one go as it is filled with historical treasures and cultural delights all over the place. So you would better prepare for a long term vacation in the city if you really want to get some in-depth experience. With enough time, you can enjoy an essential stay in Beijing, but it is highly recommended not to stay in a hotel but to lodge in a courtyard with a local family. In this way, you will get a chance to really soak up the atmosphere of the city as well as to experience just like a local rather than a tourist. Moreover, with plenty of time to dispense at your own will, you will get to explore your favorite tourist sites in a leisurely way instead of dragging here and there with tour guide and others – always in a rush, and worse than that - you may be dragged into some shops along the way!

Tip 2 – Hire a Private Tour Guide Instead of Joining a Group Tour
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For those first time visitors to Beijing, it is hard enough to navigate the city let alone to get an in-depth experience, so it is highly recommended to hire a private tour guide while enjoying a vacation in the city. With the private tour guide by your side and all to yourself, you will get to see and experience more while visiting those tourist sites – most of them are famous for historical and cultural features. Along the way, your private tour guide will fill you up with some history as well as some interesting legends and details about those tourist sites. It will be more fun and eye-opening for you! Moreover, if you find navigating around the city by public transport is a little bit inconvenient, you may consider renting a car while traveling in Beijing. In this way, you will enjoy a pleasant journey all over the city and have a lot of fun too.

All in all, with these tips in mind, you will be guaranteed with an in-depth Chinese experience while visiting Beijing!