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Mistakes for Flight Journey

We took the flight from Shanghai adventuring Beijing. It is our first time enjoying the China domestic flight journey, very meaningful and unforgettable. However, on the whole journey, I made mistakes. Today, I would like to share them with you.

Some Liquid Articles Are Forbidden to Take
I carried a lot taking the flight, my daily making up articles, drinks and some other liquid articles. On the whole journey, my husband and child hold careful feeling. We observed all the regulations and followed the rules. To our surprised is that my making-up articles were forbidden to take. Drinks, cream, spray, contact are all belonging to the liquid articles. Before checking, we put the liquid into a transparent plastic bag. Each liquid is put in less than 100ml container. However, my making-up articles beyond the limitation. The checker told us that these liquid articles we can purchase on the airport lounge and then they should be packed into our carry-on luggage. It is really boring. In addition to this, my baby's milk is forbidden. The relative officer said that we should inform the airline and they will prepare for us in advance. It is based on the safety condition.

Lithium Battery Limitation
In addition to the liquid articles, there are certain regulations for the lithium battery. All the digital products with lithium equipped should be put in the carry-on luggage. It is better to prepare at most two spare batteries. These batteries should be well preserved in case of short-circuit. When passing the checking procedure, we were ordered to take the digital products with lithium equipped one by one. These articles are forbidden to put into the checked baggage. Relative officer told us that if we put the lithium battery in the wet environment, it will lead to dangerous condition and it may set free inflammable gas in water or in wet air. For the regulation, there are certain rules designed.

Without Booking Car Rental Service
For the boring checking, we took the flight to Beijing. The service on the flight is very perfect that we enjoyed the terrific atmosphere. What to our surprised is that we four lost in the Beijing Airport. Crowded tourists, cars and buses stopped up the area. We carried the luggage and led our children searching the railway to get the downtown hotel. It is really upset without booking the fluent car rental service.

For this time taking China domestic flight, we really understand a lot!