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Mistakes I Made during My Beijing Tour

No doubt that everyone wants to have a perfect tour in Beijing and have a good time. To avoid making the mistakes I made, here is a little advice to better enjoy your trip to Beijing.

Large Group Tour in Beijing

Mistake 1: Going with a large group tour
As first time visitors to Beijing, I decided to join a cheap group tour to see those historic sites in Beijing. As it turned out, I made a really bad decision. Our travel group was packed with other travelers and only one tour guide to share, which made the day trips kind of a mess over those days I spent in Beijing. I did get a chance to see plenty of historic sites over 2 days, but the duration of visit to those sights was not enough for me to fully explore as I wanted. And our trips were kind of in a rush and all we could do was following our guide here and there. And when the time was up, we had to call it a day no matter how we wanted to see more of it. It was really a terrible experience I had by joining that large group tour. I only wanted to save some money when I decided to join that travel group, but as it proved I really made a big mistake. A pleasant experience is worth way more than money, from my personal experience! If you want to have a flexible tour, private tour is a better choice though a little bit expensive.

Mistake 2: Drove the car on my own
To visit the Great Wall at those off the beaten path sections, I rented a car from a travel agency in Beijing through my hotel. Instead of hiring a driver and a tour guide, I decided to drive to those destinations on my own, which was the biggest mistake I made. Though no accidents happened along the way, I lost my way a couple times while I was driving to see the Great Wall at Huanghuacheng and Simatai sections. The GPS did help much at all on my ride over there. I got really mad at myself for not hiring a driver. I was too confident about my driving to realize that I was a total stranger to the rural Beijing area. I paid the price and I learned my lesson as well after my trip to the wall was almost ruined.

Overall, you really should not make the mistakes I made while visiting Beijing!