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Mistakes not to Make while Visiting Beijing

While traveling internationally, it is easy for first time travelers to make some stupid mistakes which may ruin your travel plans. It is more so while visiting Beijing as the historic city is full of crowds, ancient sights and great shopping. Here are some mistakes worth noting not to make while traveling Beijing.

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Mistake 1: Crammed itinerary for short stay in Beijing
While traveling overseas, it is easy for us to get overly-ambitious when making travel plans, especially when you are visiting metropolis like Beijing. One of the dumbest ways to ruin your travel plans for a day trip in Beijing is to cram too many sights into a short amount of time. You really should not let a travel agent or tour guide talk you into one of those nine sights in two days itineraries. In the end you may find that you did not get what you were looking for on this trip to Beijing, and such a crammed itinerary did not enhance your travel experience at all. High chances are you will follow the guide, moving here and there and seeing those sights in a rush without taking enough time to appreciate its culture and history, which is not only stressful for travelers of all ages but also not worth it at all. This does not mean you should include as few sights as possible in your agenda, it is best to know those sights better before you make plans. Just be smart about planning too much for each day.

Mistake 2: Considering only guided tours while visiting Beijing
Another mistake those first time visitors often made while visiting Beijing is do only guided tours in Beijing. A common assumption for them is that guided group tours are the safest and easiest way for exploring a new place. However, it is not all true while visiting Beijing. It goes without saying that the guided tours come at a steep price and some tend to be rusher than the independent travel. You really can pace your own trip, make your own arrangements and make new friends. If it is the safety you are worried about, you can do it both ways - first go with a guided to get familiar with the city and then do the trips on your own.

Anyway, try your best not to repeat these above-mentioned mistakes when making travel plans for visiting Beijing!