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Modern Beijing Bike Tour - Interesting Experience

Pick a fun day, I book a modern Beijing tour by riding online. Bike is really good transportation in such crowded and busy city. Riding bike to visit the modern Beijing is another enjoyment different with travel by car. Only US$ 31, I have a released tour under heavy pressure of work.

Outside View of National Grand Theater

Have visited most famous attractions of Beijing when first year I lived in Beijing, I like their strong culture and history. Now, I would like to visit its modern buildings which witness the development of Beijing as a big country. Riding along Changan Avenue, there are many modern building standing between these ancient architectures, including National Grand Theater, People's Grand Hall, New CCTV Tower, etc. They are all the representatives of modern city, which show the process of development of Beijing.

The most impressive place is the National Grand Theater, also known as Water Pearl, which is used as theater to performing arts. According to the tour guide, it is not only a culture performance place, but also a tourist scenic spot. As new sixteen scenery views of Beijing, National Grand Theater is a landmark construction, shaped by unique style main structure, clear manmade lake, large area of trees and flowers, reflect the design conception of harmony between man and nature. It is said that the night view of Grand Theater is very beautiful and majestic, really show the name of Water Pearl. The kind tour guide tells me that Chinese people prefer to name it as Bird Egg kingly.

I must say it is the happiest time I have enjoyed during 3 hours. I think it is really good way to recreation and after the tour I have enthusiasm to work again. And only half day I get myself back again, and have well understand about this city where I live and work.