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Most Basic Concerns of the Great Wall

You will not be the real hero without hiking the Great Wall. This is very popular saying in China to describe the status of the Great Wall. At the same time, many questions aroused, how long is the Great Wall? How many leaders came here for visiting?

Badaling Great Wall

How Long is Chinese Great Wall?
No matter young tourists, the elderly or the children, they always hold curious ideas to the over length of Chinese Great Wall. In fact, it is a very difficult question to answer, because there are many dynasties contributed to the Great Wall. In addition, there are many sections of Great Wall hidden in the mountains; some are located in the remote areas, grasslands, etc. It created difficult condition to counter the real length of Great Wall. In the year of 2009, it is announced that the length of section built in the Ming Dynasty measuring about 8,851.8 kilometers long from Hushan in Liaoning and Jiayuguan Pass in Gausu. Among the long distance, the sections built in Beijing measured about 550 kilometers long. It is no doubt that Great Wall is regarded as the man-made cultural and natural relic retained from ancient Chinese culture. The new data said the Great Wall distance passed about ten cities or provinces including Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanxi, Inner Mongolian and Shaanxi, etc. Within the long distance building built in Ming Dynasty, there are over 730 beacon towers contained.

How Many Leaders Visited Great Wall?
Among different sections of the Great Wall, the most famous part is Badaling. Every day, it will receive loads of tourists from home and abroad for sightseeing. From this section, tourists could not only appreciate the charming scenery with fresh air but also enjoy the culture and history of China. During the visit in China, many world famous leaders ever came here. In the year of 1957, Badaling Great Wall received the first foreign honored guest - President Voroshilov, then the President of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. In the following years, there are over 400 world leaders visited Badaling Great Wall. Among these leaders, over 80 leaders have left valued pieces of calligraphy and best wishes. It is said that until now, Badaling has receive about 150 million visitors from China and other countries.

It is just like the first brand of Chinese tourism industry. Great Wall of China will continually receive success in the future days!