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Mound of Great Wall

The top mound on the Great Wall is called Taolai Hedun. In 1539 supervised by the Suzhou Bingbeidao Li Han in Ming Dynasty, it is the most famous mound on the Great Wall from the west to the East. It is the starting point at the western end of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall and is an important part of the Jiayuguan Great Wall defense system.

Great Wall

7.5 kilometers north from Chengguan, the mound stands on nearly 80 meter high cliff by the Taolai River and hailed as the best mound in all the land where the Great Wall is built. In Ming Dynasty, Jiayuguan is home to thirty-nine mounds on the Great Wall. In the city pass, the mounds are interweaved, facing each other to exchange information. The First Mound of the Great Wall is the most important mound in the south of the city pass, charged with the transmission of Guan Nan and Qilian Mountains, as the communication task of military information. There are dock, horse house, camel house, accommodation, product post, equipped with a certain number of guards. The first mound of the Great Wall is an important stronghold of Jiayuguan military defense, once with the majestic Jiayuguan there are many miraculous stories left. There is a poem complimenting the first mound of the Great Wall: "Qingliu Lai discussion on wall, big ridge Qilian off the air. Armor glacier smell remove bucket, flags Peng Kun Sun dance".

The first mound of the Great Wall is a scenic spot and its natural scenery is very spectacular, with Jiuquan to the east, desert to the west. Under the setting sun, it seems like the dragon walks in the mountain. Gazing southward on the mountain all the year round, white and blue sky, it feels more refreshing and very picturesque. No matter which season it is, the scenery never stops surprising its visitors out here. With the early dawn, the rosy clouds across the sky, the sky disappears into the horizon, thousand sights competing with red sky, very pretty and charming. After the rain, the Qilian Mountain is hidden among clouds. Winding mountain changes into various kinds of strange shapes, or look like a cavalry soldier.