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Must-experience Place for Beijing Summer Tour

During summer period, search a nice land for entertaining and amusing will be an ideal idea. As the largest, luxurious and most famous garden, Summer Palace will be the most qualified section to undertake the responsibility satisfying your sentiment and mood. Cooler than the city center, nowadays, among the tourists, Beijing Summer Palace has become a very popular destination to seek happiness in summer.

Grand Appearance of Summer Palace
Summer Palace

Being surrounded by large scale water area and green trees, Summer Palace keeps a low temperature. Adding the profound history, sitting inside, apart from avoiding the heat and playing, tourists could appreciate the well-designed landscapes and taste its unique cultural connotation. As the largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, Summer Palace greatly influenced Chinese horticulture and landscape with the famous natural views and cultural interests. Rebuilt for entertaining and leisure, it conveyed numerous meanings and connotations to the public. It radiates fully the natural beauty and the grandeur of royal gardens. Being composed by numerous small sections and charming sceneries, it is very hard for tourists to finish all the sceneries in one day.

Dazzling Lake Area in Summer Palace
Summer Palace

If you ask what the most wonderful area is for your summer holiday, then the Lake area located inside will be the first. All the year around, the water here will show off the most vigorous life to the tourists. Covering a large scale area, being surrounded by buildings and trees, it is certainly an ideal place for entertaining and get fully relaxed. When the summer is coming, all the flowers will reach their utmost blossom, colorful and fresh. Famous attractions amongst this area are so numerous that your vision will be disturbed, such as the Seventeen-Arch Bridge, Bronze Ox, Nanhu Island, Marble Boat, etc. Each section will conduct its function leading you reach the utmost happy. What the most impressive part is sitting inside the marble boat for appreciating and relaxing. Relating to this boat, it has undergone same years with the age of the Summer Palace. With western-style appearance, inlaid with colorful glass windows and wheels, as well as paved with colored bricks, the boat would plaid as a stage for you for viewing.

Summer Palace is a miracle for your summer tour!