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Must-Grasping Tips for Summer Great Wall Tour

Beijing housed numerous highlights to show. As the highlight of Beijing, Great Wall buildings always seize the first among tourists. For the long distance and winding journey, Great Wall buildings are just the elegant dragon stretching to the deep mountain area. If you climb the Great Wall buildings in summer, it will be a laborious work. There are several tips for you!

Mutianyu Great Wall in Summer

Decide the Right Sections
Being distributed different parts of Great Wall, Beijing is just like a golden castle. During summer seasons, the ideal section to discover is the Mutianyu Great Wall. Located in Beijing suburb area, Mutianyu Great Wall not only stores the tranquil environment but also breathtaking scenery surrounded by a large scale luxuriant trees and elegant mountains. With best preserved appearance, it is the first-choice for the tourists from all over the world. Summer tour here, blossoming plants, grasses dressing the hillside green in the mountains will first impressed you. Adding the soft breeze, your summer heat will immediate disappeared. There are many ancient prints left here, best preserved ground, watch towers and the cannon models, etc.

Seize the Weather Forecast
After decided the section you want to visit, you should plan your departure time. As we all know, summer is the season when the rainy days are gathering. So, get rid of the rainy days is a good idea. Besides, it is better to get rid of the high temperature. Because of the long distance wall building, long-time climbing under the high temperature day may lead to the dangerous condition. According to different body quality, plan your departure day.

Perfect Facilities in Mutianyu Great Wall
Coming to Mutianyu Great Wall, tourists who are very interested in the simulating activities, the cable car is an ideal facility. As the national first-rate cable car established in the Mutianyu Great Wall, this kind of facility gained much praise among tourists. Another fashionable facility called the Speed will give tourists an opportunity to experience the thrills by taking you swoop down from the high mountains. Especially during the summer holiday, taking them, you could not only get rid of the summer heat without laborious work but also enjoying the most exciting moment. Last entertainment item is the China Stone City which collects weird and beautiful stones to attract your interests widening your vision!

After getting the golden tips, your summer Great Wall tour could be comfortable and enjoyable!