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My 2 Days Jinshanling Excursion

We made our way to Beijing last week on a flight from Shanghai. Spent a couple days in the city proper exploring a bunch of historic sightseeing, we both had a good time and fun over those days. Later we decided to explore outside Beijing to see the Great Wall at an off-the-beaten-road section called Jinshanling.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Being first time visitors to crumbling section of the wall, we booked the secret wall tour at the hotel. The next morning we made an early start in an attempt to beat the early morning Beijing traffic and get more time on the wall. The section of wall that we went to took us about 2.5 hours to get there. On our ride over there, our guide told us that parts of it were restored and some parts were not. We started the walk at about 10:30am and after 2 hours of hiking straight up (the hike was more like climbs) we made it to the final tower in that section of wall. Both of us got really tired and sweaty in such hot weather. But it was totally worth it as we were treated to quite a sight over there. It was clear, sunny day and the views from the wall were just incredible. We were both glad we hired a guide for our hike over there because we would not have made it to the last section of the wall on our own!

On the way up we only came across a few backpackers so it was like we had the crumbling wall all to ourselves! While hiking along the path, we kept busy taking photos here and there - that was part of the fun of hiking to the Great Wall! As time went by, soon it was time to head back down... our legs almost gave way the whole way down. The walk at Jinshanling was once in a lifetime experience and looking back we got very, very lucky as we could stay overnight nearby for our next day hiking which turned out just as amazing!