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News about Mutianyu Great Wall

The Great Wall is the world's cultural heritage, which should be the most protected cultural relics yet often destroyed. Here is news about the Mutianyu Great Wall.

Those who have been to the Great Wall visitors can see, in some walls remained on the many "XX Tour" message not civilization graffiti. The visitors graffiti bad habits, Huairou District, the Mutianyu Great Wall scenic spot "block" as "sparse", in the fourteen watchtowers West North rooms set graffiti area, for visitors, name. A "less than the Great Wall of non hero" stuff, so many visitors to the human miracle, non left "traces" cannot be. As one of the victim sections, the Mutianyu Great Wall scenic area is a national key cultural relics protection units, the state 5A class tourist attractions, enjoy the "the Great Wall Mutianyu show" reputation, attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists, especially foreign tourists amounted to 40%, is the first choice of foreign tourists visit the Great Wall scenic area.

Mutianyu Great Wall

Over the years, the Mutianyu Great Wall scenic spot has been seeking the removal method of lettering on the Great Wall, and by security, Wen Bao, the environmental protection departments jointly set up patrol, all-weather the Great Wall on inspection, found problems in a timely manner, solve. At the same time, Wen Department of graffiti phenomenon timely repair and maintenance, increasing the multilingual warning labels, signs; system to "visitor" form and broadcast through the scenic area, to remind visitors increase security awareness. Scenic area is this phenomenon has taken corresponding measures to discourage and stop, but still cannot completely prevent such phenomenon, difficult to cure this chronic disease. "Since the tourists like graffiti, just take it as a 'landscape' to develop, set up a 'graffiti zone'. In this way, not only can save many scrape dressing troubles, but also to meet the tourists desire." The Mutianyu Great Wall responsible person said, the spot has rooms in fourteen watchtowers West North set up a graffiti area, will be timely in the No. five and No. ten watchtowers to create two new graffiti area for the tourists. At the same time, scenic area will also consider at the appropriate time and appropriate position setting up an "electronic graffiti wall".