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Off the Beaten Path to Gubeikou Great Wall

Long been looking forward to an adventure to off the beaten path great wall. Last week, finally did it! Picked the great wall at Gubeikou section for my hiking. It was a fun trip full of blood-pumping experiences as well as one of a kind view. Just loved every minute of it!

Gubeikou Great Wall

My tour guide showed up early in the morning and we headed out right away and hit the road for Gubeikou. It took us about half and two hours to get there - kind of too long but it was all worth it! It was a fun ride over there, by the way, with Lee my tour guide filling me in with lots of stories and legends about the great wall at Gubeikou. As the car shuddered to a halt, we headed straight for the wall. Looking from afar, the great wall at Gubeikou was just like a snake meandering upon the greenery-covered mountains. It was really a great sight! Just could not help snapping a couple of photos myself! As no cable car available out there, we had to climb up the wall on foot, challenging yet totally worth it! The great wall over there was kind of left to nature and pretty wild with the crumbling wall remains spreading all over the paths, making my trekking on the wall more like mountain-climbing but I did enjoy every minute of it!

Gubeikou Great Wall

After I got a hang of trekking on the wall, it was much easier for me to hike along with Lee. Got to say, the views I saw on the wall totally took my breath away, and of course, lifetime moments must be captured with photos! We both enjoyed a wonderful time on the wall and after about two hours of hiking, it was time to say goodbye to the wall. By the time we got off the wall, it was well into the afternoon, and Lee took me to a lovely village located nearby, where I did some serious sightseeing and had my lunch as well. It was really a great experience with this trip to Gubeikou! It was fun and full of lifetime moments and I just loved it there! What a full day!