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One Day Jinshanling Excursion

Last Saturday, with my father and mother, we explored the legendary Jinshanling Great Wall. Booking this tour is the dream of my father, because he held many interests in this Great Wall section. I liked the tour guide very much. She offered considerate service on the whole journey, explaining sightseeing all the time, informative and responsible.

Jinshanling Great Wall

Jinshanling Great Wall is the most wild and original section among Beijing Great Wall sections. We got up earlier on the morning. After enjoying the breakfast, we were picked up and transfer to the Beijing suburb area. Journey is very long. We just enjoyed the cozy environment appreciating the breathtaking landscapes outside. About three hours driving, we arrived at the foot of Jinshanling Great Wall. Tourists here are not too crowded. After seeing the scene, we became exciting. For the tranquil environment, I really want to sing a song. My father and mother took out the camera taking some pictures with the surrounded. Perhaps, it is the summer season when everything is reaching the blossoming.

Following my father, we stepped on the Great Wall. The route is very easy to pass, loads of ruined sections with ruined bricks. There are almost no complete Great Wall buildings in the land just the grasses and destroyed bricks. Sceneries here are breathtaking with fresh air. Under the cool breeze, everything showed more vigorous. There are many children running in this road, laughing and playing. Sometimes, there will be several birds flying away singing adding much vigorous tastes to this old section. The mountain this Great Wall relied is not too elegant that I could see clearly the residences houses far distance. Sometimes, I could see the local framers walking pass by. We choose one land for sitting down appreciating the blue sky and white cloud. The watchtower is just located beside without roof. It showed so sophisticated that we took a lot of pictures. The bricks built on it have presented grey colors. I thought they are doing their best to support this world wonder. Tourists coming here are more and more. This Great Wall section is also becoming more and more alive. For me, I just mixed into my mind for the Great Wall background and history. Drinking water, we walked on, leisurely.

After this tour is finished, we gave all my thanks to our tour guide. We really tasted a lot and widened vision. No forced shopping tour is just here.