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Panda House and Olympic Stadium Day Trip

Pandas in Beijing Zoo

One of the animals that have been linked with China, probably the most important one, is the panda. So during the tours in Beijing, everyone should not miss the chance to see this world animal. Today I visited Beijing Zoo to see the pandas in the afternoon however generally speaking I was very disappointed. From TV shows, the pandas look fat and cute. Sometimes the small ones are very naughty to climb up and down. In Beijing Zoo the Panda House is divided into two parts – the Asia Games Panda House and the Olympic Panda House. However today I saw, there are only 5 pandas living in the big house and they look lonely. Two of them were sleeping and the other three were sitting lazily. Is it because they have just having lunch? I don't know. Also one of them looks very weak and its feather fell off (especially the black feather around the eyes) which looks very horrible! May it got ill. During about 30 minutes tour in Panda House, I did not feel happy at all, on the other hand, I felt sad about the pandas although their living conditions are very good. Maybe it is better to let them back to nature at least the environment similar to the nature not like here just for tourists to take photos.

Olympic Stadiums

Luckily the next destination – Olympic Park make me feel relaxed and comfortable. I enjoyed my time here. The song "You and I" brought me back to the excellent open ceremony of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The park is vast so allow plenty of time to walk. It is an ideal place for wandering around, watching Chinese, and appreciating the amazing architecture of the Bird's Nest stadium and the Water Cube. Bird Nest enjoys a good to look around although it was a bit of a misty in the late afternoon. Large numbers of tourists walking on the square, taking photos and there are also some people flying beautiful kites. Of course I would not miss the chance to take beautiful photos in front of the Bird Nest and the Water Cube (the two symbol modern buildings of Beijing). For limit travel time, I did not visit the Forest Park.

If time allows, I advise you to visit the Olympic Park in the evening. With all lights on, red Bird Nest and blue Water Cube, there will appear the dreamlike scenery!