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Lovely Pandas

This is my second time traveling to Beijing. Last time I took a One Day Bus Tour and have visited the famous Badaling Great Wall and the Ming Tombs. So this time I would like to visit the Panda Zoo to see the lovely pandas. I chose the One Day Private Tour to the Summer Palace and Panda Zoo online. And the trip is really wonderful!

The tour started at 8:30 am. After the breakfast my friends and I were driven to the famous Summer Palace. It is so large! While entered into the Garden, I was indulging in the most charming scenery. The tour guide led us to see the major sites in the Summer Palace and told us a lot of the history about it.

Then on the way to the Panda House, we had a short visit of a silk shop. The main items include Chinese silk, satin, cashmere, Chinese traditional clothes and silk clothing. To my surprise, during this short visit, I got to know much about the silk culture. The silk is very famous by the world for the Silk Road and it is discovered in China as one of the best materials for clothing.

Lovely Panda

The time in Panda Zoo is really exciting and interesting. Haha, in the zoo we saw different ages of the pandas. The elder ones are busy eating all the time. However the younger ones are much lively. Some of them are climbing the trees, some are walking around to find the bamboos and others are sleeping. They look very happy and enjoy the life here. We took a lot of photos of these lovely animals.

At last we visited the National Museum of China. It is a comprehensive museum focusing on history and arts, systematically showing the long history of China. So during the trip, we got to learn more about the history of this old country.

Time flies! Almost 6:00 pm already and the tour is over. The tour guide dropped us to the hotel and said goodbye. Today my friends and I have a wonderful time and we really wish to have another two days free time to see other representative attractions in Beijing. But time is limit, we had to go now. Really a nice trip here!