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Paradise Land for Children in Beijing

After finishing hard work, take your family choosing a nice place to entertain your holiday life will be an amazing choice. For such a metropolis city, Beijing stored loads of paradise lands for the children. For children, things to do in Beijing will endow to the famous Beijing Zoo, leading them to the animal world.

Beijing Zoo

As we all know, animals are the most important toys for their childhood. With the large scale area, terrific Beijing zoo contained a diverse collection of animals, a number of exhibition halls and some sites of historical interest. Entering this world, you would be first impressed by the charming environment. All he roads are decorated with colorful belts, flying. It seemed that they are greeting to you. The garbage boxes are decorated with lovely animal appearance, unique and fresh. This land housed about 450 different species and has a population of some 5,000 animals. Some of the most popular attractions among the tourists are the wild and rare animals of China itself, such as the Giant Pandas, lovely Golden Monkey and Milu Deer, as well as the northeast tigers.

Beijing Zoo

For the Beijing tourists, the first time visiting Beijing Zoo, there will be large crowds swam into the Panda House, especially the children. As the China National Treasure, Pandas has attracted important protection. With black and white coat, this kind of adorable fluffy animal is one of the most precious animals in the world. It has the same high fame as Beijing Great Wall and Beijing Forbidden City. Under the special protection, children always visited here for taking pictures. However, feeding them casually is forbidden here.

Beijing Zoo

For the children who loved the ocean world, Beijing Aquarium will be an ideal destination. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists taken here. There are various fishes and ocean creatures flying here. Once entering inside, you would arouse the feeling that you have stuck into the water world with lovely ocean animals surrounded. What the most impressive applause will be the Dolphin Performance, jumping with the trainer conducting. Tourists could enjoy shows performed by the Sea Lions and Whales in the Aquarium Ocean Theater. Also, there are many other places of interests waiting for your appreciating and exploring!

Seize the chance to perfect your things to do in Beijing!