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Pay a Visit to Sun Village

Beijing is really a fun place to explore while visiting China. There are diverse options for exploring the historic city. Aside from the sightseeing and shopping, those who want to give some love to parentless children in Beijing really should pay a visit to the Sun Village.

Beijing Sun Village

Overview of the Sun Village
Located in Beijing Shunyi District, Sun Village, aka Children Village, is a sweet home for countless minorities whose parents had been put behind bars. As a non-government charity, it has spread love and care among those children and helped them to acquire knowledge and technologies. In this big family, these kids have grown up like the other kids and many of them have led a happy life on their own. Backed by those social communities and individuals, Sun Village is dedicated to feed, clothe and educate those minorities. The date garden and peach garden have long played the key role of bread-maker. The money is dispensed to maintain the daily life. In this way, the kids are inspired and enlightened to be independent and self-help. In recent years, Sun Village has hosted a series of fundraising activities, such as the Trees of Love, quite popular among the public. Recently, all walks of people have turned Sun Village into an educational platform. They came to do some chores and plant some trees which they call the Call of Heart. Many of these care-givers have devoted their holidays and weekends to charity and spend these times in Sun Village. Sun Village is growing bigger and bigger.

How to Make the Most of Trip to the Village
It would be an excellent idea to spend some days in the village. A trip to the village allows you to get away from the city noises and crowds as well as the traffic. The surrounding countryside also is a great place to get close to nature and take in the rural beauty while visiting Beijing. You can easily spend a few days in the village having fun with the kids and do some activities with them as well. Everything you do in the village means a lot to them and it shows them that they are loved by others. You can also try to learn to do some chores in the farmyard. It is a great way to give your love to the kids.

If you want to give some love while visiting Beijing, the Sun Village is not to be missed!