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Prince Gong's Mansion Day Tour

Once heard that Prince Gong's Mansion is the back garden of the Forbidden City, the history of Qing Dynasty, today I came to enjoy the view of it. The scale is smaller than Summer Palace and the other to destinations, but it is still worth a visit and wander, if you have done all the other stuff. The tour here will be last about 2 hours.

Prince Gong's Mansion

The dwelling is a traditional courtyard mansion of a style that was so attractive to me. Two stone lions guard the main gate, and magnificent buildings stand to the fore of the mansion, with an elegant garden at the rear. It could be divided into two main parts – the residence and the garden. The living quarters stand within three sets of courtyards occupying a central, eastern and western situation and the construction and materials used are similar to those in the Forbidden City while the garden, surrounded by artificial mountains, known as Jincui Yuan, is of high standing on account of its layout and distinct design.

Artificial Lake

In the living quarters, there now display some precious antiques. Also there are some stores selling souvenirs, if you like, you could buy some home like I was. Arriving in the garden, a big lake caught me sight at first. In the middle of the lake there stands a pavilion. Wandering in the green path or sitting in the pavilion view the harmonious scenery, you will feel relax and comfortable. In the center of the garden, you will be absorbed by the artificial hills. Though not large, the garden contains more than 15 spots and the most popular one is the Fu Stele which is placed in a cave. The Chinese character 'fu' carved on the about 8-meter-long stele is a copy of the Emperor Kangxi's handwriting.

To help visitors gain a better understanding of the culture attaching to the mansion, the administration of Prince Gong's Mansion has converted Bat Hall into a teahouse. 70 RMB for the full tickets, visitors' program includes a full tour of the mansion, tea drinking, observing the exquisite art of the tea ceremony, sampling Beijing style titbits, and enjoying folklore performances, all of which evoke an enthusiastic response. But with limit travel time, we did not join this part.

It is a place really worthy of a visit and I can assure that every aspect puts the culture and life style of the Imperial China's elite into perspective. Really beautiful and delicate!