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Prince Gong's Mansion – the Place Never Miss in Beijing

If you are very interested in Beijing tour, if you are very interested in Beijing elegant historical sightseeing, if you are a fresh Beijing visitor, Beijing Prince Gong' Mansion will bring you some exciting feelings and happiness. It gathered all the essence of Chinese history including the building construction, building Fengshui and many other imperial art masterpieces. Today, I would give you some detail about this unique residence.

Highest Fame about Prince Gong's Mansion

With the economy developing faster and faster, more and more people start to pursue the spirit of enjoyment. Every day, there will be thousands of tourists swam into Beijing Prince Gong's Mansion to research and explore. Recent years, this mansion has got much recognition. It is the largest and best preserved Qing Dynasty princely. This mansion is a fine example of ancient Chinese architecture with its cultural connotation and profound history. It is very important for the developing China not only for its aesthetic value but as asset to those who wish to study the lifestyle of the Chinese ancient times. It is really an interesting story.

Layout of Beijing Prince Gong's Mansion
Located near Shichahai Lake, this mansion is a residence of one favorite court official. Entering into this mansion, you would find this elegant residence was composed by two dazzling parts including the residence area and the garden area. With the coverage area, this residence area covers 3.2 hectares with magnificent buildings. Each building has certain building style with certain Fengshui idea. In the center of this residence area is the main hall, rear hall and a two storey verandah building. This building was composed by 40 rooms. You could imagine how luxurious this mansion is.

Charming Garden of Prince Gong's Mansion

If you are very interested in the natural landscapes, the garden will present you more. This garden in this mansion has a meaningful name called Cuijin which has the meaning of concentrating cream of the most beautiful flowers. With the coverage area of 28,000 square meters, this garden is surrounded by man-made hills on four sides. If you are lingering in this garden, one place you should not miss is the arched stone gate which is built with typical western architectural style. Apart from this gate, the Grand Theater and the Fu are the hottest points. Everyone coming here will pay much attention on the Fu which is the symbol of Chinese history and deep culture.