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Private Tour Feeling Ancient Times of China

The tour was more than our expected. We got this private day tour since I thought I will be perfect for our family. We started the day visit largest Tiananmen Square. The guide said that is the largest square in the world along the way to the Square. Arrived at Tiananmen Square, I could see such a huge square with many security guards in each important spots around. Tour guide told us around the square, there located many important historical sites such as, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Great Hall of the People, Monument to the People Heroes, etc. After had a short visit the Square, we head to the palace which called Forbidden City.

Forbidden City

It is located close to the Square and in front of the gate, its hanging a huge Mao Zedong picture. Many visitors take some photos right in front of the figure, includes me. Entering to the palace, I could see a huge complex of the palace with high walls around. We could imagine how the ancient Chinese people live inside the palace at past. It will be better if there only had less visitors come. We could take many photos as many as we want without people surround us. Yes, it will be better.

During the trip, travel guide told us about many interesting history behind and the description about the palace. From that, we could know more about culture, life style and interesting story of China. After that, tour guide send us to the Chinese restaurant and have lunch.

Badaling Great Wall

After lunch, we could visit the famous Badaling Great Wall. Tour guide given us the time to explore the Wall and met up on the decided time and place. From the foot of the Wall, we could see a long way that we should climb. The Wall itself was huge and strong. This Badaling section was crowded with locals and tourists. Because of that, we could not capture many photos along the way. So many visitors, a little bit crowded and noisy. However, we still climbed explored the Wall with all of the strength that we had. Could not imagine how the people built such a huge and strong Wall with less equipment. Tired of climbed the Wall, we going back to the decided place met up with the guide.

After that, tour guide sent us to the Olympic Stadium and give us some time explore the area. At the end, we were transferred back to the hotel.