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Profound History of Great Wall

Let us go to climb the Great Wall. From this sentence, you could guess the main goal coming to Beijing is to conquer the elegant building. However, everyone gets that Great Wall housed profound history but did not know in the detail. Now, I will share you the detail history of Great Wall to you.

Qin Dynasty Great Wall

Great Wall in Qin Dynasty
It is said that the history of Great Wall start from the Spring and Autumn Periods. At that time, there are seven powerful states appeared. In order to get the leader position, each state started to fight against each other. During this period, the walls appeared reached 3,107 miles. Until the Qin Dynasty, Qin Emperor unified the six states and became the only emperor. From that time, the first kingdom of China formed. In order to strengthen his newly powerful authority and defend the Huns coming from the north, he ordered to build the Great Wall. So, from then on the famous Qin Great Wall formed starting from the Liaoning to Gansu province.

Formation of Great Wall in Other Dynasties
After the Qin built the Great Wall, the Western Han Dynasty also ordered to build wall for fighting against the Huns. They started to build large scale wall to consolidate the frontier. In the west, the wall buildings along the Hexi corridor, Yumenguan Pass and Yangguan Pass were built. More and more sections were extended. The Great Wall reached its peak in the Ming Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty, people suffered a lot from the minorities. In order to fight against these invasions, the Ming court from the first emperor to the last made much contribution to the Great Wall project. They added many sections of the Great Wall once built. In addition, they also built many new building into double line and multi line walls. For instance, in the outer of Yanmenguan Pass, tourists could see three big stone walls and 23 small ones. Adding some watchtowers and cannons, it truly made the area strongly fortified.

Because of the profound history and changes, some Great Wall sections have been destroyed. So, we should adopt the methods to protect these world heritages to keep Chinese traditional culture and the wisdom of Chinese ancient workers!