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Really Leisurely Hiking Tour in Beijing

I really can't believe my Mutianyu Great Wall hiking tour experienced so perfect. I fully read the Chinese ancient buildings within one day together with my father. This tour is the most fabulous tour I have never explored in the past years. Tour guide is young but informative in the background and history. Most important is that this tour operator is really different with others. There is really no shopping stops.

Mutianyu Great Wall

I clearly remembered, we got up earlier and enjoyed delicious breakfast. After that, we came to the gate of the hotel. Oh, the bus is stopped there. Tour guide greeted to us with mild appearance. We got on the bus to see few tourists. We opened our telephone and checked the bags we forgot. A few minutes later, this bus is full of tourists. We all threw the polite appearance to each other, very harmonious atmosphere.

On the who journey, we chatted with the tourists sitting right side of us, taking about the feeling staying in Beijing, weather and the exciting feeling of hiking Mutianyu Great Wall. The traffic is not crowded as we expected. About 1.5 hours, we came to the foot of this marvelous section. Oh, my god, so many luxuriant trees surrounded this Great Wall building offering a big umbrella for the tourists coming here. No far away, we saw many vendors ranking along selling all kinds of souvenirs and goods. We approached them, very delicate pandas and Qing Dynasty clothes, etc. Perhaps, because of the luxuriant trees, we could not see the Great Wall clearly. After some preparations, we stepped on this marvelous building.

The beginning steps are very simple with some wooden materials. Tourists coming here are fewer than we expected. We just leisurely enjoyed this Great Wall building with our own pace appreciating the traditional atmosphere. The ground is well paved by the stones with best preserved appearance. Every certain distance, there will be the watch tower situated. I finally saw the watchtower building. It presented more grave and delicate than the book said. There are many tourists coming here taking pictures. My father took a lot of pictures from different views with me. After entering into, I saw the dim inner environment. Through the windows, I can see the flourishing sceneries far distance full of vigorous life. We saw the elegant mountains, the layout of the magnificent dragon-style building and the local residence houses far distance. They harmoniously combined with each other.

I liked this tour very much. Now, I scanned the pictures taken in the Great Wall, all my minds flew to China, impressive experience, terrific tour!