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Red Leaves in Beijing Fragrant Hills Park

With the golden autumn becoming closer and closer, more and more tourists choose going out to explore the nature beauty in Beijing. Among so many attractions, the most popular one in autumn is the famous Fragrant Hills Park.

Fragrant Hills Park
Basic Information about Fragrant Hills Park
Located in the northeast of Beijing City, Fragrant Hills Park is surrounded by tranquil environment. Covering a large scale area, this park is not only famous for natural scenery but also abundant historical relics. In China, it is also call Xiangshan Park housing profound history. Earlier built in Jin Dynasty, Fragrant Hills Park was extended to a large scale in Yuan and Ming dynasties. With time flying, this park underwent painstaking. In the year of 1860 and 1900, lots of relics in the Fragrant Hills Park were damaged by foreign troops.

Best Route to Explore the Red Leaves
The most spectacular natural scenery in this park is the red smoke tree leaves over the mountains. Especially when the autumn comes, the breathtaking red leaves will be full of the whole mountain. So, enjoying the natural red leaves is the most terrific enjoyment during Beijing autumn tour. There are two main routes to explore it. First one is to go along the north route. Along this route, you will appreciate the Yanjing Lake, Jianxin Zhai and Bright Temple, etc. Each of them will influence your vision with typical feature or unique charm. Another route is in the south area. Along this route, you will admire the Tranquility Green Lake, Shuangqing Villa, Fragrant Temple and Incense Burner Peak, etc. However, this route is a little hard for travelers but very worthy to have a try.

Best Places to Appreciate Red Leaves
If you want to enjoy typical Red Leaves scenery, some best places are available. First one is the Tranquility Green Lake. It is nearest from the entrance. The lake area is surrounded by hills in three directions, so it is ideal to find a good point to see the red leaves and take pictures. The second place is the Fragrant Hills Temple. Located in the south hill foot close to Shuangqing Villa, Fragrant Hills Temple was first built in Tang Dynasty. From this temple, except the charming red leaves, you also can enjoy the origin culture of this park. During the journey, you should pay much attention on the steps.

Don't hesitate! Fragrant Hills Park is just the right attraction entertaining your autumn tour!