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Retreat to Houhai for Fun and Relaxation

If you want to get away from the summer heat and just kick back for a little while when visiting Beijing, nothing beats a retreat to Houhai. There are plenty of fun activities to explore in Houhai. Here are some fun things highly recommended for you!

Boat Cruise on Houhai Lake
Beijing Houhai Area

Though hyped to be the sea, Houhai is actually a huge artificial lake, and used to be a former royal family retreat. Located in downtown Beijing, it is only four or five stops from Tiananmen, next to the famous Jingshan Park, with the Imperial Palace standing not far apart facing each other. With a walk, you will see green glazed tile walls, as well as lush and towering trees. Reportedly, Houhai Lake is connected with the Imperial Palace, since ancient times has been the geomantic treasure ground. Back then, the monks built the temple here, the ministers set home by the shore, celebrities have also moved to the lakeside, making Houhai a gathering place of historic celebrities. Houhai has long enjoyed a good reputation as the summer retreat and a favorite playground of locals. Historical sites, lotus blossoms, teahouse, food vendors, and folk art and other kinds of booths can be found all over the area, attracting official eunuch, literati, and celebrities flood in a throng for fun and relaxation. No wonder the urban people just love hanging out in Houhai. Small bridges, lovely water, a bowl of bean milk all make a retreat to Houhai an essential Chinese experience.

Enjoy Night out to Houhai Bar Street
Beijing Houhai Area

It is not the scenic lake, boat cruise and lovely cityscapes Houhai can offer its visitors. There is more to Houhai than meets the eye. While having fun on a boat ride on Houhai Lake, you can also go for a night out to the Houhai Bar Street for fun. The Houhai Bar Street is lined with a wide variety of themed bars and pubs housed in traditional houses in Beijing. The bars and pubs as well as clubs make a night out to Houhai worthwhile and fun. You can enjoy some lovely time retreating to a bar for drinking, sightseeing by the lakeside or just kick back by the shore. Most importantly, the views at Houhai do look its best at night, which makes a night out here even more meaningful.

Overall, retreating to Houhai during summer days is a good bet to kick back and relax!