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Retreat to Parks in Beijing

While traveling in Beijing is fun and amazing during summer days, but the frigging summer heat can be killing you, right? However, if you want to find some of the top retreats in Beijing, the parks are a good bet. It is fun and flexible to enjoy some private time while visiting Beijing. Here are two iconic public parks well worth a visit:

Scenic and Idyllic Beihai Park
Beihai Park

Beihai Park is located in the city center, one of the oldest and most complete preservation of the imperial garden existing in China, with a thousand years of history. Beihai Park has a rich collection of lovely pavilions and meandering verandas. The whole park enjoys a unique layout, including three mountains (Taiye Chi, Penglai, Fang Zhang, Yingzhou) and a Lake. The park features wide open water, green pines and verdant cypresses, flowers, pavilions, terraces and lofty halls, stacked stone caves, just like a fairyland. Also there houses a Tibetan style white pagoda (founded in 1651), 67 meters high and located on Qiong Island, as well as the steles and caves. Northeast bank sit Huafang hall, haopujian, jingqing hall, king hall, the five-dragon pavilion and nine-dragon wall. Moreover, the magnificent Chengguang temple is hidden among lush trees. Beihai Park used to be a favorite summer retreat of the Qing Emperors.

World Renowned Summer Palace
Summer Palace

Summer Palace enjoys a far and wide reputation in the world as a classic Chinese garden. There used to be the ancient royal garden, formerly known as Qing Yi Park, located in the western suburbs of Beijing, 15km from downtown, covering an area of about 290 hectares. It centers on the Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill, using Hangzhou West Lake as a blueprint. The royal garden features a strong southern China gardening art, well preserved and hailed as the Royal Garden Museum, also a national key scenic spot. The Summer Palace is arranged along the axis line just like the Forbidden City. The highlight of the park is a long 700 meters corridor, a promenade filled with more than 8000 paintings, known as the gallery of galleries. The corridor faces the Kunming Lake. Longevity Hill is covered by ancient forest, Tibetan temples, ancient Suzhou River Street. The park is a rare masterpiece of Chinese garden art.

Overall, you will enjoy a laid-back break and have fun exploring the parks in Beijing!