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Roaming in Flower Ocean

When summer comes, all the people want to purify the mind and cultivate sentiment and mood. During Beijing summer tour, the best thing will be roaming in the flower ocean world for leisurely sightseeing. Now, I will introduce you the Beijing Botanical Garden.

Beijing Botanical Garden

Bright Layout of Beijing Botanical Garden
As a top scenic spot, Beijing Botanical Garden is an important base for science education, research and tourism. Just located between the Fragrant Hills Park and Jade Spring Hill, Botanical Garden is about 23 kilometers away from Beijing downtown area. Now, this garden has become a large scale open area of 2,000,000 square meters. Being composed by Plant Exhibition Area, Scenic Spot and the Historical Resort, Scientific Research Area and the Nature Reserve, Beijing Botanical Garden is a popular resort for experiencing typical summer holiday. Just walking along this tranquil road, tourists will be impressed by the flavor of these flowers first. Summer is an ideal season when all kinds of flowers are blossoming. 10,000 categories of plant with a population of 1.5 million plants are cultivated here, for which this one has been regarded as the biggest in north China so far.

Treasure of Beijing Botanical Garden
Combining water area and the planting area, this garden has received loads of tourists with fresh environment. The large scale Plant Exhibition Area has four clear divisions. The Theme Gardens have 11 sub-divisions including Lilac Garden, famous Chinese Rose Garden, Flowering Peach Garden, Peony Garden and more. However, the most remarkable part will be the greenhouse exhibition of plants. Formed in the year of 1998, this part was opened to the public in the year of 2000. Covering a large scale area of 9,800 square meters, this greenhouse enjoyed a high reputation of 'the biggest display greenhouse in Asia'. Being composed of 4 parts, it exhibited its typical beauty in the Tropical Rain Forests Area, Desert Plants Area, the Garden of Seasons and the Theme Exhibition Rooms.

Other Wonderful Lingering Spots
Apart from main scenic area, Beijing Botanical Garden is also a stage showing the Historical Spots including the Temple of Recumbent Buddha, Liangqichao Tomb, Memorial of Cao Xueqin and the Cheery Valley. Each of them could be regarded as the wonderful resort for summer holiday.

Appreciating, lingering or relaxing, Beijing Botanical Garden is always waiting for your summer holiday!