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Roaming in Muslim Culture

Beijing is not only a traditional city housing profound history and deep cultural connotation but also a flourishing stage covering different cultures and appearances. Today, I will like to lead you walk into the Niujie Mosque to have a deep taste to authentic Muslim culture.

Niujie Mosque

Typical Layout of Niujie Mosque
Having been regarded as the representative of Muslim culture, Niujie Mosque receives loads of tourists. Located in Xuanwu District, this mosque is the historical and majestic mosque. Its profound history could be traced back to thousands years ago. After numerous restoration and changes, it greeted Muslims from all over the world to worship. With a large scale area, the whole structure is based on Chinese traditional wooden palaces. At the same time, it also adopted a typical Arabic-style of decoration. Once enter the mosque, you will find there are no human or animal figures among these decorations. It is said these are the taboo in the Islam. Wherever you went, a kind of typical holy atmosphere will pour into your mind.

Inner Arrangement
The entrance gate will greet to you first. Fronted by a large wall with a white marble pedestal, this wall undertook a series of relief of sculptures. From each of them, you could guess the typical happiness and fortune. Walking on passing through the entrance gate, you will see the Watching Moon Tower. For the name, it is so called because it is used by the imam to observe the position of the moon to determine times for fasting. Walking on, you will miss the important building called Prayer Hall. What to mention is that this hall is the only one building opened to the Muslim people. Covering an area of 600 square meters, it could accommodate about a few thousand Muslims for worshiping.

Tips for Niujie Mosque Visiting
Before your entry, you should get familiar with the visiting notice. Slippers and short clothes are forbidden to enter. Many palaces are only opened for the Muslim worshipers. You should visit according to the information.

Niujie Mosque is a holy land from where you could not only have the chance to admire the truly building, but also the chance to broaden knowledge about Islam and its place in Chinese cultural history.