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Scale through Cityscapes of Beijing

There are two sides to everything and of course, the city of Beijing is no exception at all. Beijing has a rich history and diverse culture and in the mean time, it also runs on a fast track as economy of China is blooming. So with a visit to Beijing, you will get a chance to see both the ancient and modern sides of it! Here are two destinations highly recommended:

Lovely and Confusing Beijing Hutong

Hutongs in Beijing have thousands years of history, mainly formed in the Yuan Dynasty, inherited by the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Most of Hutong go from east to west, nine meters wide in general and the buildings on both sides of Beijing Hutong are mostly courtyard. The courtyard is uniformly designed with four houses, symmetrically enclosed together in one courtyard. With the courtyards next to each other all over the city, the passages between them form the famous Beijing Hutong. These alleyways may look similar, but its inherent characteristics are different. Hutong now is not only hailed as the pulse of the city, but also the very home of the ordinary people. The people of Beijing have a special attachment to the alley, they usually liken Beijing Hutong as a folk custom museum, featuring a lively social life. The alleys in general distance are very near, so it is not plagued by the noise of the heavy traffic. Hutong played an effective role in the neighborhood harmony.

Cutting-edge 798 Art Zone
798 Art Zone

At the mention of the most trendy destination in Beijing, the 798 Art Zone is a must-visit! Used to be a concentration area of military factories, after artists and cultural institutions moved in, this area was turned into a polymerization of Gallery, Art Center, artist studios, design companies, restaurants and bars and other various art space. 798 Art Zone now has been hailed as the SOHO Art Village featuring LOFT lifestyle, attracting considerable attention from all over the world. Through contemporary art, architecture, cultural and historical context and environment of organic combination, 798 has evolved into a cultural concept, with a strong appeal to all kinds of people. The 798 features a unique building style, very concise and simple. Cast-in-place framework huge and bright skylight is rare among other areas.

Overall, Beijing has plenty more to explore!