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Scenic Bus Ride plus Incredible Sights

Been in Beijing for a couple of days and had seen plenty of ancient sights within the city proper. Figured it was time to get away from the city noise for a change to explore some sights outside the city. Then my trip advisior recommended a bus tour to visit Ming Tomb and Great Wall at Badaling. All was set!

Changling in Ming Tombs

Next day, met my tour guide at my hotel with other travelers and then hit the road outside the city proper. The bus ride was great and we all had a great time on the way to our first destination - Ming Tombs. I hit it off with a few guys on the bus and before we knew it the bus had arrived. The tomb area over there was really huge and sprawling with lush trees and bushes. We had a great stroll down a stone paved path lined with lovely Chinese animal statues. Me and those guys took a couple of group photos by the statues with the help of our guide. Later we were led into a huge tomb at the end of the path. Inside the tomb, there were plenty of interesting sights. My visit to the tomb was really a whole new Chinese experience for me as I had never visited any Chinese tomb before. By the way we also stopped by a jade carving factory which added more fun to our trip down there!

Badaling Great Wall

Exiting the tomb area, we hit the road for Badaling and had our lunch first nearby. The food was so-so but that was not important. Soon after our lunch break, we headed for the Great Wall for our hike. We all grabbed a cable car up the wall. Once we were landed on the wall, we started to trek along with our guide. The day was sunny and by the time we got on the wall, there was a huge crowd. The wall itself was very impressive, especially looking far into the distance - the snaking wall undulating all over the rugged hill overgrown with trees and bushes. After about an hour of trek, we all got really tired and sweaty and had to stop for rest by a brick tower. Afterwards, we finished the rest of our hike on the wall and got down the wall on a slide. On our way back to the city proper, we also stopped by the Birds Nest and Water Cube to get a good look at the unique architecture. Overall, it was quite a full day I had in Beijing! Loved it!