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Season Features of Beijing

For the tourists exploring Beijing, getting understanding about the four season feature will be a very important thing. Beijing weather is characterized by the clear distinction of four seasons.

Spring: for the spring Beijing, tourists should wear the lightweight clothing. Spring is warm, windy and dry but the temperature varied sharply between the day and night. So, dressing warmly when night going will be more important!

Summer: Summer in Beijing is very hot with abundant rainfall. So, light clothes are needed during this period. Eve in the sunlight day, there may be appearing the heavy rainstorm. So, when you are going out, umbrella and the raincoat are important.

Autumn: Autumn season is ideal period for going out for travelling and appreciating. Beijing will enjoy mild temperature and plenty of sunshine. The ideal attractions for exploring in Beijing autumn will be climbing Great Wall and appreciating the Fragrant Hill.

Winter: Winter in Beijing is cold, dry and long period. Wearing wool sweaters and thick down coasts for winter will be smart. During this period, winter sports are the most popular attraction.