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Shichahai is not All about Sightseeing

For quite a long time, Shichahai has been a favorite haunt for the visitors to Beijing. The scenic area is a great place to do sightseeing, but there is more to it than meets the eye. If you think Shichahai is all about sightseeing, you are making a big mistake.

Beijing Shichahai

Profound History
Shichahai has long been a historic scenic area in Beijing with a long history and a high prestige. Located in Xicheng District, Shichahai got its name from ten temples around it. Since Qing Dynasty, Shichahai area has been a popular summer retreat. With an area of 146.7 hectares, it consists of Qianhai, Houhai and Xihai. Around Shichahai, there are many mansions and gardens, such as the well-preserved Prince Gongs Mansion, Prince Chuns Mansion, Former Residence of Guo Moruo, etc. so here has best reserved the authentic flavors of old Beijing city. The scenic area is full of natural and historical attractions which are all worthwhile seeing. There used to be 3 generalissimos living on Liuyin Street in Shichahai area. Filled with cultures and histories, as well as natural beauties, Shichahai has accumulated a rich collection of varied cultures from different ranks. The hutong and Quadrangles can best represent the folk culture and history of old Beijing city.

Diverse Options for Fun
Nowadays, Shichahai is throbbing with elegance and fashion. Touring in the beautiful Shichahai area, you can take rickshaw to visit the hutong and historical relics of old Beijing city; you can hire a boat to enjoy the charming views of three lakes; and you can also take bike to taste the traditional customs. In recent years, the Bar Street has become one of the most flourishing places at night in Beijing. This bar street has not only amazing views but also varied bars and clubs. Around this street, the tourists can do a series of activities. There are also a wide variety of delicious cuisines and flavored snacks available around the area.

There are diverse options to make the most of your trip to Shichahai area, not only the sightseeing.