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Beijing Shihua Cave Adventure

With the golden autumn coming, more and more tourists go out to adventure the real nature. Autumn is great season for going out to breathe the fresh air and enjoy the rich harvest with mild temperature. Today, I will introduce one dazzling place for your Beijing autumn tour - Shihua Cave.

Shihua Cave

Gorgeous Layout of Shihua Cave
Located in Nancheying Village, Fangshan District, Shihua Cave gets the high fame as the underground pearl of Beijing. Far away from Beijing downtown center, this cave is endowed to the tranquil environment and charming sceneries. Once coming in autumn, you will be impressed by the unique stones flowers with variety of shapes and features. For these charming stone flowers, it gets the name of Shihua Cave. Relate to its history, it can be traced back to the year of 1446. In the north China, it is a representative landscape of karst caves. Walking inside, tourists always feel they are in the underground palace surrounded by a variety of stalagmites, stone waterfalls, stone curtains, stone towers and stone pearls.

Delicate Attractions
With the constant temperature of 13℃, Shihua Cave is rare seven-layer one. Until now, you can only appreciate the first four layers from the top. The most important is that more than 2,500 meters long route made up of sixteen halls offered for tourists to have a terrific visit. Among them, the most attractive will be the huge stalactite in the No. 1 Hall, moonmilks in the first and second layers, two stone shields, a stone curtain and a stone flag.

Treasure of Shihua Cave
It is a must to carefully appreciate the No.1 Hall during your autumn tour here. Measuring about 18 meters high, the huge stalactite is the biggest in China. As the national treasure, moonmilk was first found in the Shihua Cave with profound history. These moonmilks show the shape of lotus and become water slag when twisted. This cave is famous for the largest and the thinnest stone shields in China. Just at the entrance of this cave, there are hundreds of pictures showing the wonderful spectacles of world famous karst caves. Near this cave, there are stone sculptures of Buddha on the cliff and an exhibition hall displaying the rare stones. Each of them is full of mysterious background to discover.

Shihua Cave is very amazing. Every autumn, it will become the most popular lures in the tourists!